Sunday, April 24 2011

Listening to the Gods

24 04 2011
Listening to the Gods

Listening to the Gods, originally uploaded by Arthur40A.

Shot during the 2011 DBTH v4 Electro Festival in Valbonne, France
More info :,dbth-festival-2011-4e-edition,593629.html

Organised by Association Phosphene

Friday, February 18 2011

Pink Child

18 02 2011

_MG_2597, originally uploaded by lau_1077.

Now that is a photo shot by a friend of mine ... But I really love it ;)

And you know what ? It REALLY makes me want to buy the same Canon 50mm f/1.4 USM Lens ...

Ohh Yeah ;)

Thursday, July 15 2010

Rosé d'été

15 07 2010
Rosé d'été

Rosé d'été, originally uploaded by Arthur40A.

the real summer pleasure !!!

I like the way the glasses are lightly frozen, looks silky ...

And I like the way this picture is transmitting how fresh this was to drink ...

You can actually feel thirsty looking this ;)

Wednesday, June 23 2010

WhaIron Man

23 06 2010
WhaIron Man

WhaIron Man, originally uploaded by Arthur40A.

Ah ah ! Walron Man ... A personal mix between Iron Man and Andy Warhol !

The story behind this picture is important (at least to me !) ...
The 4 parts of this picture are not the same ... it's not the same photo colored in photoshop and stitched together ... these are 4 different pictures ... and NO photoshop filter was involved ...

I took each picture with my Canon 7D, on which was mounted a Canon 18-135mm IS. It was therefore mounted on a Manfrotto tripod (oh my god they are stable these things ;) ).

The shutter was set to be opened for 5 seconds and ISO was 100.

No flashed connected to the camera directly or wirelessly.

What I did is to open the shutter and I had (of course) 5" to do the rest.
The rest was to put colored filter in front of my 580EX Canon Flash and fire it manually from angles.

I find the result quite stunning ;)

Monday, June 21 2010

Iron Man Mk III Battle Damage

21 06 2010
Iron Man Mk III Battle Damage

Iron Man Mk III Battle Damage, originally uploaded by Arthur40A.

At last, I received this 30cm high statue of Iron man that I pre ordered in December 2009 ... (
But it has finally arrived last month ... and it is brilliant ;)

Thursday, May 27 2010

La chatte sur un toit ... ensoleillé

27 05 2010

At last ! I found the right moment to take the right picture of the cat I sometime look after ... I was not able to get à clean picture of her until yesterday evening ;)

Thursday, March 4 2010

My First Gigapixel Panorama

4 03 2010

As I bought Autopano Giga and made several panorama ... I wanted to go further ... and as I love to try many (useless) thing in life, and as a Geek, I wanted to go for Gigapixel panorama ...

Continue reading...

Wednesday, July 15 2009

Sunny Rain

15 07 2009
Sunny Rain

Sunny Rain, originally uploaded by Arthur40A.

The French Riviera ... yes it rains ... quite a lot these days ...

But two weeks ago ... it was raining ... while the Sun was shining ...

A strange scene I whished to share as a HDR picture ;)

Monday, July 13 2009

Taking pictures tips ... for idiots

13 07 2009

Right .. today no magnificient pictures ... however ... to take pictures, advices are good ...

Even when they are advices for idiots ...

Anyway I found this was funny : 78 photography Rules for Complete Idiots


Thursday, July 9 2009

Running Water

9 07 2009
Running Water

Running Water, originally uploaded by Arthur40A.

It's been quite à long time since I first saw pictures of water shot with a gloomy effect ...

And when I finally shot a picture with this effect ... well I realised it was not that easy ...

I took me dozens of pictures, and a HDR effect on the RAW to get it as I wanted !

But It works !

Monday, July 6 2009

Peeking through the door

6 07 2009
Peeking through the door

Peeking through the door, originally uploaded by Arthur40A.

I was walking arounf an island in the Cannes bay when we arrived near a chapel ... which was closed ... .... however a hole in the front door allowed me to take this picture ...

I could have been better, but I like it ;)

Thursday, June 4 2009

Absolute Candles

4 06 2009
Absolute Candles

Absolute Candles, originally uploaded by Arthur40A.

This was is what I love with my 50D ... night shots ... and it's even better with it's new partner : DxO ... the noise reduction is so impressive !

Sunday, May 24 2009

Pigeon vs Car :(

24 05 2009
Pigeon vs Car :(

Pigeon vs Car :(, originally uploaded by Arthur40A.

OK this picture is quite gore, I agree ... but it was there, and DxO allowed me to emphase the blood color ... it is as gore as stunning ....

Saturday, May 23 2009

First Birthday

23 05 2009
First Birthday

First Birthday, originally uploaded by Arthur40A.

The birthday cake for a first birthday ...

What other picture could I use for my first use of DxO ?

Colors were modified, rebalanced, some elements were erased (ok I need to master this tools ;) ) and aberrations due to lens were corrected automatically.

Really great Software !!

Friday, May 22 2009

Aligned Glass

22 05 2009

Aligned, originally uploaded by Arthur40A.

Well now that was ... a surprise ... I took this picture during a birthday ...

The glasses were on the table waiting for Champagne. And I shot just to see was it looked like ...

Well it look great, doesn't it ? ;)

Sunday, May 3 2009

DIY Aluminium Plate Flash Diffuser back

3 05 2009

And Here is my first attempt to DIY in Photo ...

I made a flash diffuser using a aluminium plate et and piece of cloth ...

Easy and quit efficient :
Alien Queen with handheld Aluminium Plate diffuser

Monday, March 23 2009

Antibes Bord de Mer HDR

23 03 2009
Antibes Bord de Mer HDR

Antibes Bord de Mer HDR, originally uploaded by Arthur40A.

It has been quite a moment since I last HDRized pictures ... well yesterday ... Counter was resetted ... and here is my latest HDR picture ;)

I thought this place, near Antibes was a really nice place to get a view of the sea and the mountains is the back ... Unfortunately, the snow is no longer as present as it was last weeks ...

Anyway I like it ! ;)

Monday, March 16 2009

Speaking Horse

16 03 2009
Speaking Horse

Speaking Horse, originally uploaded by Arthur40A.


Yes, at last, I took the kind of pictures I wanted to shoot with the diagonal fisheye I bought last month ... (cf this).

That is a closeup on an animal face ... and this horse helped me ;)

Monday, March 9 2009

La Nuit dans le vieux Grasse

9 03 2009
La Nuit dans le vieux Grasse

La Nuit dans le vieux Grasse, originally uploaded by Arthur40A.

As I was waiting in Grasse near the restaurant where we were celebrating a birthday, I looked at the fountain, and I tought ... why not ?

And finally ... yes, was a good idea :p

EDIT : The picture was accidentally remove from Flickr ... but now it's back online ;)

Monday, February 16 2009

Fleur de Mimosa

16 02 2009
Fleur de Mimosa

Fleur de Mimosa, originally uploaded by Arthur40A.

I was visiting my granmother on the "Mimosa day" and she had nice Mimosa on her table ....

So as I had my camera, and the macro rings with me ... I got to work ...

This has been done using the macro rings and my to flashes (master/slave) ... works great !!!

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